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Larry Malone, MA, LPC

Evelyn Malone, MA, LMFT, LPC, CEAP

Welcome to our website. Let us tell you a little about who we are and what we do.

We met working together as psychotherapists. Our personal and professional lives took many twists and turns after that. Along the way, we developed a marriage that exceeds everything we ever wished. We always dreamed of working together again, and now our dream has come true.

We approach life and work with a spirit of adventure. Whether it's trekking remote rainforest along the Thailand-Myanmar border, or exploring the depths and heights of human possibilities, we seek to live with passion, authenticity and joy. We feel honored when clients invite us to explore with them the dark country, the unknown territories and the summits of their lives.

We offer both personal and organizational consultation services:

Personal Consultations are services provided to individuals, couples, families or others seeking to improve various aspects of their personal lives. These consultations may be clinical or non-clinical in nature.

Clinical We are trained, experienced and licensed to provide  Counseling and Psychotherapy. These are clinical services provided as behavioral healthcare treatment. Most people who have healthcare insurance have some coverage for some of these services. However, that does not necessarily mean your insurance will pay for our services. Healthcare insurance plans frequently do not cover marital therapy or family therapy.

Non-Clinical We also offer non-clinical personal consultations such as Personal Coaching and Special Programs, which address certain areas of personal development and life enhancement. Some of these services, such as Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and Human Relations Skills training, may qualify as career-related training or business consultations which are tax deductible. Your tax consultant can advise you in this area.

While there may be considerable overlap between clinical and non-clinical services, we do not offer non-clinical consultations as behavioral healthcare services. If we determine that a client seeking non-clinical services is in need of clinical services, we offer treatment and/or referral as appropriate. (See also New Client Information)

Organizational Consultations We work with businesses and other organizations to apply human relations technology to promoting individual and work group effectiveness. Some of our services include Executive Coaching, Team-Building and Human Relations Training. To go to our Organizational Consultation website, click here:


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